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So, I'm quite new to this blogging so please bare with me while I rant on about our new small business.  To start off with here's a bit of background about me and Todd, husband and wife team.  We are currently still working full time while setting up OLIVE + OSCAR.  I'm lucky enough to have time when I'm at work as a cabin crew member to sit in the sun with my laptop and still be able to get in touch with all you lovely people.  Todd works for himself running a women's clothing store.  We married in September 2016 in a lovely white wedding on the isle of Ibiza with family and friends.  We have been together for 13 years, yes 13 years!!!  Since we were 21!! We've travelled the world exploring new places.  Time to get serious now and grow up, sort of!!  But we can still have fun doing it!!  So I'm sure the next step will be to start a family of our own soon!!

Anyway, more about the brand.  The brand name OLIVE + OSCAR has come from my surname OLIVE(R) and to be honest we pondered for a while about a boys name.  Hayes didn't really fit.  Then we were trolling through the internet and found OSCAR the meaning was “deer friend,” derived from Gaelic, where “os” means “deer” and “cara” meansfriend.” plus, two of my close friends have sons called Oscar.  We thought this is perfect.  We already had the characters and wanted them to be best friends.  This is how the brand was born.  

Our aim is to bring you and your creative kids exciting new styles and let them express their individuality through fashion.  We will also show you new creative ideas for you and your little ones to do at home when the kids are off school or rained in weekends.  Follow the blogs and I'll give you some ideas of the crafts and days out for you to do and keep you and your family entertained.  

I'll be back soon with some exciting new things for you to do.  In the meantime I hope you enjoy the website and hope you can follow our journey on social media we are currently on Facebook (oliveandoscaruk) + Instagram (oliveandoscar_uk)

See you soon 

Nikki + Todd x

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