Summer Family Fairs + This Glorious UK Weather + Hosepipe ban

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For those that follow our facebook + Instagram accounts you'll see we have done our first few carnivals over the last few weeks.  If you're not already following our journey please do by clicking the links above.  Thankfully the weather stayed glorious for them.  I'd just like to take the time to thank all our new customers from the Norden carnival + Prestwich carnival and for all your support.  We had some really positive feedback and hope that the remaining fairs, festivals and carnivals we have planned for the summer so far are a success.  I've listed below where we have planned so far, so if you are local please pop down and see us.  Click on the links to take you to the events facebook page for more details and how to get there.

21st July 2018 - Stockport Carnival 

22nd July 2018 - Picnic in the Park Cheadle 

12th August 2018 - P'Fest Pudsey Family Festival Leeds 

16th September 2018 - Our kids Social in Manchester 

So this UK weather as I mentioned earlier is all that anyone is talking about and I can't help myself for constantly mentioning it on my FB + IG posts.  It's just to good to be true and us brits do like to talk about the weather.  

The top temperature last week hit 33.6 degrees, this is the UK's longest hot spell since the drought in 1976 and a hosepipe is surely on the way soon for the UK.  Actually, having just read there is already a ban in Northern Ireland the first for over two decades.  If a hosepipe ban was to be put in place in your area, it would make it illegal to wash the car with a hosepipe, water the garden, or fill paddling pools.  This is the fun in the sun ruined for the kids who have all just been out over the last few weekends buying pools to cool down in.  There are lots of other activities you can do with the kids outside to keep them entertained.  Take a look at my Pinterest page for lots of kids craft and activity ideas for outdoors.  

To help prevent a water ban lets think of ways to save the water around the house. Great ways are simply having a shower not a bath and taking less time in the shower.  A funny saying I remember having a laugh about while with my flying friends on a trip was "Pits, tits and bits" that's all you need to do in the shower!!! have a think about that when you're next in there!

Don't leave taps running.  Turn it off when you brush your teeth.  Try and reuse water to water the plants.  Put your appliances like the washing machine and dish washer to quick wash or economy settings to use less.  I'm sure if everyone did a little bit we could prevent our little ones from not having a laugh in paddling pools this summer.

As the sun is set to stay for the rest of the week and hopefully we'll continue to have a lovely hot summer.  Take a look online for some gorgeous kids outfits perfect for this weather in the sun.   


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