Schools out for the summer - the fun begins!!

It's already half way through the first week of the summer holidays for most of you.  Only another 5 1/2 weeks to go, arhh!!  So what is everyone up to? Please comment below I'd love to hear what wild and wonderful or even boring as they seem adventures you will be getting up to.  

If you're struggling for something to do or feel a lug one week check out OLIVE + OSCAR's Pinterest page. It not only has our gorgeous children's apparel on there but I have also put together a few boards to help you through the holidays. 

They include:

Get Creative Outdoors with the kids

Get Creative Indoors with the kids

What to do in the 6 week holidays for kids?

Get Creative Baking with the kids

I'll also be adding more + more as I see them and also posting daily learning activities either on Facebook or Instagram for inspirational ideas to do at home or out and about on your travels.  

If you have any ideas that you think will help other members of our social circle please post to our social media with the hashtag #oliveandoscaruk and we'll repost it for you to share to the Mum community.  

I'm going to keep it short and sweet this time as I know you Mum's will not have a lot of time to be reading on + on while looking after your little ones.  So for now I hope you all enjoy the beginning of the summer and have a blast, make some lasting memories and capture it all on camera.  #mumwithcamera #summerholiday #kidsactivities 


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