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Following on from my last blog if you have read it.  If not just head over and take a little read now it's not that long and just introduces us a little bit, if you are wondering who we (Nikki + Todd ) are.  So as I mentioned I'll be bringing you some tips and ideas of things to do at weekends, bank holidays, school holidays, while your on holiday and anymore you can think of.  I feel I'm quite an active person and always want to be out and about doing things, as my friends well know.  I'm the adventurous one!!  But that's a bit too adventurous for your little ones!!  For now anyway give it a few years and they'll be bungee jumping, abseiling and skydiving.  Nooo... I hear you say!!  Just like my Mum was when I told her and sent her the photos + videos!!  

Back to the activities for kids.  I've since been working on our Pinterest page click here to take a peek it's got loads of unique and exciting things to do indoors, outdoors and during the 6 weeks holidays.  I've categorised them so it's easier for you to take a look around and dependent on what you want to do that day.  

Here are a few tips for now and a few pages I think are worth a look at on social media.  I must apologise for all the links.  However, there's nothing worse than not knowing the correct page for things when looking so I've saved you the hard work and put the links in!  


First of all, with the weather being so nice, at the moment, I thought I'd give you a few tips from my Get Creative Outdoors Board on Pinterest.  I love the Outdoor Cardboard Painting from Alice she's used an old large cardboard box leaning up in her back garden waiting to go in the recycling bin, probably.  She's laid it out on the garden with some paints in paper plates.  All these can be bought very cheaply from Home Bargains, B&M's or a Poundshop there's no need to spend a lot on craft materials.  While you're there even ask them for some old boxes they are only going to throw them away.  It's free and going to good use helping your littles ones get creative outdoors.  

Another easy and cost effective craft that can be done is DIY sea themed story stones you can use the paints from the previous craft mentioned, if you have any left.  Draw any design you want on to them be as creative as you like.  You can start by going on a walk to collect the stones.  There are local facebook groups that are set up for children to go rock hunting a local one to me is RammyRocks this is an excellent way to get them out and about and have fun doing it and finding other painted rocks along the way.  


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I hope you have found these useful and I will be bringing you lots more. Keep an eye out on our Pinterest page for more creative add ons for you to do with the kids. Please comment below if you have any ideas of your own or would like to share your creations from using this blog.  We'd love to see your photos too.  

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